An exciting opportunity in innovative care delivery – Hospital @ Home

Hospital @ Home (H@H) is a service where eligible patients may receive hospital-level acute care in their home. The care is provided by a physician, nurses, and other interprofessional team members who travel to the patient’s home or connect virtually to provide daily care, supplemented by monitoring through technology.

The Hospital @ Home program will:

·         Improve patient and caregiver satisfaction

·         Reduce/improve transitions in care

·         Reduce risk to patients (e.g. hospital-related risk such as infection, decline of function, cognitive risk/delirium, changes to mental health)

·         Improve acute bed utilization

·         Facilitate appropriate and efficient discharge

·         Strengthen Northern Health’s continuum of care

·         Enable longitudinal, system-wide cost savings

Northern Health, the Prince George and NI Rural Divisions of Family Practice, medical staff associations, BC Emergency Health Services and the First Nations Health Authority are partnering to develop the H@H prototype for Prince George which will launch later this fall.

To date, a core project team providing multiple perspectives has had preliminary discussions on possible approaches and working groups are forming to consider what the service can offer and how it will deliver it. Stay tuned for more information in late October on the Hospital @ Home program.