Dear Donor of Auxiliary to University Hospital of Northern British Columbia,


Thank you for your generosity and for selecting me, Megan Dupperon, to receive the Auxiliary to University Hospital of Northern British Columbia Bursary.  It truly means a lot to me and my family.  I chose to go into Nursing because my youngest daughter was born was a congenital heart defect.  This resulted in many trips to UHNBC and to Children’s Hospital down in Vancouver.  My daughter’s journey helped me realize my love for nursing and how many families I could help and support by going into that career.

Once I have completed the Nursing Program, I wish to work on the Pediatric floor at UHNBC.  My daughter and I have spent many nights on that floor and the Pediatric team has always been friendly, amazing and extremely supportive emotionally, mentally and physically.  Pediatric nurses are personable and reliable.  I wish that one day I can give the same reliability and support back to our community.


Thank you


Megan Dupperon

(Megan was the recipient of the Auxiliary Endowment Bursary at CNC)